CDT Donation Information

Children's Dance Theatre is a Non-Profit Organization

For over 30 years, Children’s Dance Theatre has delighted Baldwin County schoolchildren and the Eastern Shore Community with its productions of classic children’s literature brought to life through dance. Some of our past productions include “Peter Pan “, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Babes in Toy Land”, “Madeline and “The Gypsies”, “Where the Wild Things Are”, and “The Real Princess and the Pea”, all performed by students of dance.
As a non-profit, Children’s Dance Theatre can continue its tradition of opening minds, inspiring imaginations and sparking
creativity among the audiences who watch as well as the dancers who perform. Exposure to the arts and arts education is the
first priority for this organization and our annual performances and outreach programs will take this pillar of learning further into the community.  

Those who wish to support our efforts are encouraged to join our group of patrons known as the “Performance Circle.” It’s been our tradition before every show for the cast and crew to join hands in a circle to share positive energy, support for each other, and love for our art. We’d like to widen that circle to include those who champion us through tax-deductible donations and gifts. The levels of giving are as follows:
Peformace Circle
* Cast and Crew --$25 to $49  
* Scenery Artists --$50 to $99  

* Costume Designers--$100 to $249  

* Lighting Specialists --$250 to $499  

* Special Effects --$500 and over  

Families of students who have the privilege of joining Children’s Dance Theatre as a member of the company are asked to donate a minimum of $25, which is tax deductible.   Children’s Dance Theatre is proud of our past success and looking forward to a bright future of dance on the Eastern Shore. Please consider becoming part of our Performance Circle to enhance the arts experience for our children, our community and ourselves.